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Trustworthy Company

Racssafety is a Trust-Worthy Company that will work hard for your safety.

Crystal Clear Report

Racssafety's Management Team submits Detailed Reports on each challenge put in front of us and we leave no stone unturned.

Complete Transparency

Racssafety's Detailed Survey will aid in the Management of your Organization. Every detail will be specified in our reports.


We conduct surveys as a systematic review, to recommend improvements where needed, to provide assurance of the safety of current activities, and to confirm conformance with applicable areas of the safety management system.

Noise Survey

The process of our Noise Survey involves taking noise measurements throughout an entire plant or a particular section to identify noisy areas. This survey is used to establish whether employees are being exposed to occupational noise levels exceeding the exposure limits set by the regulations. The noise data will be collected and downloaded for analysis at the end of the measurement period.

Health & Safety Survey

A safety survey is an organization's internal systematic evaluation to check safe operations and practices are in place in workplaces and facilities. Our process starts from Evaluating the safety culture of the employees regarding occupational health & safety issues to assessing employee participation and finalizing the results in a detailed report.

Fire Safety Survey

A fire safety survey is a detailed and methodical examination of a company's premises, and the activities it carries out there, to determine ways in which the threat from the fire can be minimised. We process includes identifying fire hazards & individuals at risk followed by evaluating & protection, planning and reviewing the obtained results and providing relevant solutions .

Heat/Thermal Related Survey

Thermographic Survey Services for your Electrical Panels and Systems helps you to manage your electrical and fire safety risks. Our highly trained survey specialists use infrared imaging and measurement camera to “see” and “measure” invisible infrared energy being emitted from an object. The objective of our thermographic survey is to identify abnormally high temperatures within electrical distribution systems and to submit final electrical thermography test report.


Ergonomic Studies or Survey has become important today considering more industry focus on occupational health and well-being. Racssafety's ergonomic surveys will help you to "Fit the Work to the user instead of forcing the user to Fit in the Work". With our rich expertise in the people's safety, occupational health and industrial safety, we provide customised solutions across the workplaces and support organisations with design analysis in workplace ergonomics through study and assessment, consulting, and Capacity Building.

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